datavelo.com was established to cover the Hungarian and regional system and software architecture consultancy needs in Apache and Cloudera Hadoop (CDH) software stacks. The list of services ranges from early phase planning of Apache and Cloudera Hadoop systems to cluster operation consultancy, including such important fields as

  • technology consultancy in Hadoop
  • planning and implementation of software and hardware architecture of IoT/streaming, analitical, data lake Hadoop clusters,
  • consultancy in general software architectures,
  • manual and automated cluster deployment in bare-metal and cloud environments,
  • Apache and Cloudera Hadoop (CDH) security integration,
  • integration of Hadoop services and analytical (e.g., BI) tools,
  • multi-tenant clusters,
  • ephemeral/transient clusters,
  • cluster performance analysis and tuning,
  • high availability of hardware and cluster services,
  • backup and disaster recovery (BDR),
  • cluster operation consultancy,
  • on-the-job training.

Refer to this page for a more detailed list of services.

Please do not forget the installation of a sandbox Hadoop cluster is easy and does not require too much time to learn. However, the deployment of a production cluster, which can be considered safe in any respect, is a complex task and requires deep experience. Disregarding the best practices of Hadoop and Cloudera community can easily result in serious issues in the future, where the correction is often costly and technically cumbersome.


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