General and Hadoop Software Architecture Services

  • Planning of Hadoop backed software architectures, implementation of proof-of-concepts,
  • General microservices/SOA/multi-layered software architecture consultancy,
  • Planning and review of software architectures connecting to Hadoop clusters,
  • Coordinating professional teams,
  • On-the-job training,
  • Supporting the compilation of RFI, RFQ, RFT, RFP documents and applications.

General Hadoop System Architecture Services

  • Planning and review of hardware resources:
    • Planning and review of network topology,
    • Planning and review of server (master, worker, utility, edge/gateway, key management, key trustee, Cloudera Manager, Cloudera Director nodes) hardware configuration,
    • Identification of possible hardware resource bottlenecks,
    • Forecast of cluster scalability issues,
    • Optimizing hardware costs based on usage patterns,
    • Cluster capacity planning,
  • Hardware planning and review of production, QA, and development clusters.

Cloudera CDH System Architecture Services

  • Planning and review of Cloudera reference architectures (Cisco, HP, Dell, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure),
  • Execution of operation system prerequisite steps,
  • Cluster (Cloudera Manager and CDH) deployment/installation on bare metal or cloud environment (for example, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM SoftLayer),
  • Cluster deployment automation (for example, ephemeral clusters for testing purposes, clusters managed by Cloudera Director),
  • Configuration of cluster services and service roles layout based on Cloudera and Hadoop community recommendations,
  • Cloudera Hadoop security (authentication, authorization, data at rest, data in transit, perimeter security) consultancy, planning, and integration,
  • Planning and configuration of high availability and backup/disaster recovery (BDR) according to Cloudera and Hadoop community recommendations,
  • Cluster resource configuration (static service and dynamic resource pools),
  • Cluster performance analysis,
  • Planning and implementing multi-tenant cluster configuration based on usage patterns,
  • Preparation for Cloudera production readiness/cluster health check audit and certificate,
  • Cloudera Manager and CDH version upgrade,
  • Planning ingestion pipelines,
  • Cluster operation consultancy,
  • Cloudera Director installation, consultancy, and operation.

Please ask for preliminary consultation via either of the communication channels.